World Health Innovation Summit Podcast

WHIS Talks - Health Coaching with Dr Ollie Hart

February 26, 2021 Season 2 Episode 1
World Health Innovation Summit Podcast
WHIS Talks - Health Coaching with Dr Ollie Hart
Show Notes

Gareth Presch, CEO, World Health Innovation Summit will host a discussion on how social prescribing and health coaching can support the UN sustainable development goal 3 Good Health & Wellbeing. 

Dr Ollie Hart - Peak Health Coaching

Ollie is happiest with one foot in front line clinical care, and the other in leading and innovating change. Using experience from each to inform and inspire the other, keeps him excited about creating conditions for people to flourish.

He has been a GP partner at Sloan Medical Centre, Sheffield, since 2004. He has played a lead role in commissioning with Sheffield's CCG for over 10 years. 

Between 2015-2018 Ollie was one of a steering team that introduced ‘Outcome Based Commissioning’ for musculoskeletal conditions in Sheffield (8% of the City’s total health spend), with a new focus on what matters for the patient. Leading up to this he developed the self-management resource This asset is now 8 years old, continues to grow, and support person centred musculoskeletal care.

He has been clinical lead for Sheffield’s person centred care program since 2014, which has followed an iterative process in engaging 70 GP practices to develop person centred care skills. As part of this work, Sheffield has introduced the use of PAM in primary care for a range of long-term conditions.

He has been one of the founder members of NHS England’s PAM learning set and is a national leader for collaborative Care and Support planning for the RCGP.

In 2011, Ollie worked with others to found ‘Move More Sheffield’, a collaboration actively transforming the culture of Sheffield, making it easier to be physically active. 

He is also one of 2 global health and wellbeing Ambassadors for parkrun, advising and supporting their mission ‘to create a healthier and happier planet’.